Knife USN MK2, « R.C.C. »

Knife USN MK2, « R.C.C. » in nice condition. Read more

Price :275,00€

Modified USM8 scabbard, 1st model

USM8 bakelite scabbard for USM3 combat knife, 1st type, manufactured by B.M.Co., a hook to atached at the belt has been added, nice modification, in nice worn condition. Read more

Price :175,00€

Scabbard, Leather, for K-Bar or USN MK 2 knife, « BOYT 43 »

Leather scabbard, for Ka-Bar fiighting knife or US Navy MK 2. Manufactured by BOYT 1943, with USN letters embossed and soldier partial ASN in gold letters.Hard to find on the loose. Read more

Price :175,00€

USM8 bakelite scabbard, 1st type, for USM3 combat knife, named

WWII genuine USM8 Bakelite scabbard for USM3 trench knife, 1st type, light green canvas, no hook, nice worn condition, name of the owner engraved on the revers. Read more

Price :175,00€

USM8 bakelite sheath, 1st type

Nice USM8 bakelite sheath, 1st type, manufactured by B.M.Co., repaired as showed on the pictures. Read more

Price :125,00€