Colt.45 pistol holster, « GRATON & KNIGHT CO. »

Superb Colt .45 pistol holster in natural brown leather, excellent condition, nicely marked on the back with the maker's name « GRATON & KNIGHT CO. », comes with its original leather lace. Read more

Price :165,00€

M3 shoulder holster, « US ENGER KRESS »

US shoulder holster in natural brown leather for Colt .45, made by ENGER-KRESS. This holster is in overall very good condition, the soldier's name in present on the back.This type of holster was introduced in 1942 for Air force pilots but also used by other arms and service of the US Army such as paratroopers, tankers... Read more

Price :225,00€

Pliofilm waterproof rifle or carbine invasion bag, 1944

Pliofilm waterproof bag for the M1 Garand rifle, Springfield rifle, M1 Carbine.These where issued to all troops when involved in an amphibious, beach landing like the Normandy invasion in June 1944 or main river crossing. They were used to keep sand and salt water out of the soldiers' weapons until they were ready for use. Original and unissued, dated 1944. Price per unit ! Read more

Price :10,00€