G43 ammo pouch

G43 ammo pouch, tan rubberized fabric construction (ersatz) with black leather straps, no marking visible, in excellent condition. Read more

Price :455,00 €   250,00€

German MG13 Spare Barrel Container.

Very nice German MG13 Spare Barrel Container, it retains more than 95% of its original camouglage, the machine gun serial number is painted in white, it comes with its original web carrying strap. Exceptional piece, this is the first one we encounter in this condition. Read more

Price :550,00 €   400,00€

German Walther PP pistol holster

Walther PP pistol holster, natural brown leather construction, unmarked, mint/unissued condition. Read more

Price :185,00€

German Walther PPK pistol holster

Walther PPK pistol holster, natural brown leather construction, unmarked, slightly worn condition. Read more

Price :160,00€

Hungarian M37(u) pistol holster

Nice Hungarian M37(u) pistol holster, brown leather and web construction, nicely marked with the maker's code (cdc), the date (41) and the Waffenamt. The M37 was produced for the Hungarian military in the 9mm short version. The Germans ordered two times this model adopted to caliber 7.65mm. The Hungarians were allies of the Germans. Read more

Price :345,00€

K98 rifle grenade ammunition bags, dated 1942

K98 rifle grenade ammunition bags made in blue webbing. This type is closed with the « LUX » system straps. One of the closing flap is blue ink stamped with the maker's code, the date (1942) and the waffenamt. Read more

Price :300,00€

MG42 anti-aircraft tripod-head

Very nice MG42 anti-aircraft tripod-head, nicely marked with waffenamt, still retains more than 85% of the original factory paint. The lager 42 is a nice reproduction. Read more

Price :450,00€

Rare late war MP38/40 pouch, nice variation.

Very nice and rare late war MP38/40 pouch (left side), made of two different material, blue canvas/black leather, overall good condition. The back of the pouch is marked « MP38u40 », no maker’s code and date visible but this is a pouch made in 1944. Read more

Price :1200,00€