10x50 power binoculars case

Nice black 10x50 power binoculars case is in overall very good condition, pressed cardboard (Presstoff) construction, nicely marked with the maker's code, the date (hte1942) and the waffenamt. Read more

Price :185,00 €   150,00€

Early German SS-VT canteen, marked "RZM M6/1/39.

Very nice early (1939) German canteen for Hitlerjugend and "SS-VT", very good condition, all the parts are marked, hard to find. Read more

Price :195,00 €   150,00€

German 10x50 power binoculars pressed cardboard case

German 10x50 power binoculars black pressed cardboard (Presstoff) case, worn condition, nicely marked with the company's name, the location, the date (1942) and the waffenamt. Read more


German artillery grenade fuze timer tool pouch in natural brown leather

This is a very nice pouch for a artillery grenade fuze timer tool. This is natural brown leather construction pouch, the reverse of the front strap is nicely marked with the maker's code (gmm). Mint/unissued condition. Read more

Price :385,00 €   280,00€

Price :140,00 €   100,00€

Late-war German combat backpack, unissued condition

Very nice German combat backpack, nice late-war construction, unissued condition, 3 small holes, supple leather, blue ink stamped with RBNr. Read more

Price :140,00 €   120,00€

Tropical (AK) combat rucksack, dated 1942

Nice Tropical (AK) combat rucksack, excellent condition, nicely ink stamped with the maker's name, location (Litzmannstadt) and date (1942). Read more

Price :225,00 €   200,00€

Tropical (AK) combat rucksack, mint condition

Very nice Tropical (AK) combat rucksack, mint/unissued condition, blue ink stamped on the inside. Read more

Price :250,00 €   180,00€

Very rare late war K98 bayonet frog, web/leather.

This is probably the rarest K98 bayonet frog, it is made in natural brown leather and thin tan webbing. It is in light used condition, and one rivet is damaged as showed on the pictures. Read more

Price :350,00 €   240,00€