American Optical goggles

American Optical goggles with green lenses, mainly used by US Air Force pilots and tankers. In nice worn condition. Read more

Price :195,00€

Bonnet de vol TYPE A-11, 1944

A good issued example of the Army Air Force classic flying helmet of WWII and the helmet of choice for most fighter and bomber pilots. Read more


Flying goggles, SEESALL

Flying goggles, SEESALL, worn by US Army Air Force pilots and crewmen as well as US Army tankers. Read more

Price :225,00€

Goggles American Optical

WWII genuine pair of American Optical goggles, a type used by Air Force pilots and air crews during the war. Also used by glider pilots and tankers. Left rubber dry. Read more

Price :95,00€

Goggles AN-6530, amber lenses

WWII genuine pair of AN-6530 flight goggles, a type used by U.S. Navy, Marines and Air Force pilots, air crews, and Glider Pilots during the war. Nice worn condition. Read more

Price :225,00€

Type B-3 Mae west USAAF, Lt. Theodore Lyon

Type B-3 mae west USAAF, id to Lt. Theodore Lyon, 313th Bomb. Good overall condition. Read more

Price :485,00€

US Army Air Corp D-1 Sunglasses

"The D-1 flying goggle assembly, standardized on 13 August 1935, was actually a pair of sun glasses with a rigid frame and plastic insulated arms. It was superseded by the more comfortable flying sun glasses (comfort cable) in November 1941." Read more

Price :195,00€

US survival floating knife

Floating knife, it is included in the survival lot in the US lifeboats. Read more

Price :75,00€

USAAF altitude correction computer

WWII genuine USAAF altitude corection computer Type 5837-1 in perfect condition. Dated 1944 Read more

Price :55,00€

USAAF electrically-Heated gloves for types F-2 and F-3 flying suits

WWII genuine electrically-Heated gloves for types F-2 and F-3 flying suits. Read more

Price :275,00€

USAAF gloves Type A-9A, 1944

WWII genuine clean condition pair of bomber pilot gloves. The gloves are leather sheep skin lined. Both gloves are in nice condition and the leather is very pliable. These were used by bomber crew as well as ground troops particularly during the Battle of the Bulge by officers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne. Read more

Price :145,00€

USAAF survival light

Superb WWII genuine USAAF survival light. This kind of lamp was worn by USAAF pilots on their Mae-West. Read more

Price :45,00€

USAAF Type D-1 cold weather face mask

This is a USAAF cold weather flyingmask, mint/unissued condition, some moths holes in the felt, ink-stamped with the USAAF logo on the front and on the reverse, label still present. Read more

Price :125,00€