Helmet, Flying, Type A-9, Summer

WWII genuine USAAF flying helmet, type A-9, summer, size Large. Perfect condition, nearly mint. With name tag sewn to the front. The A-9 is a simple unlined summer flying helmet constructed from four segments of heavy cotton. It features hooks to fit the harness of either the type A-9 or type A-10 Standard oxygen masks, tie strings (forehead and neck) for adjustment and a fleece-covered leather chin strap. It was... Read more

Price :95,00€

Helmet, Flying, Type AN-H-15, Summer

WWII genuine USAAF flying helmet, type AN-H-15, summer, size Large. Nice worn condition with pilot's name and ANB-H1 receivers anc wire. The design of this helmet was not far from the WWI flight helmets. Some of the differences included the addition of electronics. As communication equipment (speakers) were built into the ear area. The units were placed inside of large plastic housings. Of cotton construction.... Read more

Price :225,00€

Type A-11A flight helmet

Army Air Forces Type A-11A leather flight helmet. Rare modified version with elastic added, re-designated A11-A. Size Medium. Read more

Price :195,00€

USAAF Dinghy Signal Lamp M-308-A

Nice USAAF Signal Lamp M-308-A by Bendix Aviation, LTD. Very good condition and comes with its original box, the cover is missing. Read more

Price :65,00€