1939 Iron Cross 1st Class (107) with case.

Beautiful 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class in case of issue, three part construction with magnetic iron center. Made by « Carl Wild » and nicely marked « 107 ». Very good condition, not easy to find  and with a nice dark patina. Read more


1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class in LDO case.

Very nice 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class (unmarked example) in original LDO case of the issue. The case is in good condition and L/58 maker marked. The top has separated from the bottom. Nice example ! Read more


British parachutist helmet, MKii, 1942

Very nice British airborne helmet, 1st type, with leather chin strap, manufactured by BMB, size 6 3/4 and dated 1942. The helmet is in excellent condition and still retains more than 90% of its original paint. Read more


Early German SS-VT mess kit, marked "RZM M6/1/38", perfect condition.

Very nice early (1938) German "SS-VT" aluminum mess kit, perfect condition, it retains more that 95% of its original green color. The top and the bottom are both marked: "RZM M6/1/38". The set is named two times to "Horst Gaüss". Beautiful piece that is nearly impossible to find in this condition ! Read more


German 6x30 power tan binoculars, marked « cag »

Very nice German 6x30 power binoculars, tan color, marked « cag ». The optics are still clear. They still retain 95% of their original tan color. They come with their original blackened leather neck strap, the rubber protective lid and the buttoning leather flap. Nice complete example ! Read more


German VZ24 "dot" bayonet.

Very nice VZ24 bayonet, czechoslovak production for the German army, "dot" marked, waffenamt stamped, the bayonet has a serial number but the scabbard is not marked. Very nice example. Read more


German web sling for the flare gun ammunition pouch in web.

Rare German web sling for the flare gun ammunition pouch in web, it is in close to mint condition. Read more


German ZF4 scope, very good condition

Very nice ZF4 scope, very good condition, the optic is very clean and clear, marked with the maker's code « dow », with the serial number « 9917 », very low number, used with the Gewehr 43. Read more


German « Feldfu.b » backpack radio transmitter

This is avery nice « Feldfu.b » backpack radio transmitter, very good condition, still retains more than 95% of the original color, very hard to find in this condition. Read more


Heer Mountain Troop EM's HBT combat field blouse.

Very nice Heer mountain troop EM's HBT combat field blouse, very good condition, slightly worn, has factory applied late war collar tabs and late war trapeze breast eagle, the rank insignia (Gefreiter) and the mountain troop insignia are zig-zag machine applied, all insignias are period applied. The blouse comes with a pair of tailor-made mountain troop shoulder boards, they are made in bad quality. This blouse was... Read more


Heer tropical (DAK) belt buckle, dated 1941

Beautiful Heer tropical (true DAK) belt buckle with dark green web tab, very good condition, still retains more than 95% of its original factory green paint, marked and dated « HA 41 ». Read more


Heer tropical belt buckle

Beautiful Heer tropical belt buckle with yellowish web tab, unissued example, still retains more than 95% of its original factory light olive paint. Read more


Late war German paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger) gas mask carrying bag, « ebd »

German paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger) gas mask carrying bag, late war green canvas construction, it is in nice lightly worn condition, snaps (PRYM 6) are in very good condition, the bag itself is stamped on the inner flap with the maker's code « ebd » and with the Waffenamt. It comes with these original carrying straps, one has been nicely repair but not visible as you can see on the pictures, the rubber plug is... Read more


Leibstandarte SS « Adolf Hitler » EM/NCO’s cufftitel, BEVO type, unissued condition

Superb Leibstandarte SS « Adolf Hitler » EM/NCO's cufftitel, black rayon construction with « BeVo », mint/unissued condition. One of the folded over ands has the machine woven, manufacturer's trade name « Bevo-Wuppertal », indicating manufacture by Bandfabrik Ewald Vorsteher of Wuppertal. Read more


Luftwaffe "DAK-Tropical" camouflaged gas mask canister, complete and named (L.G.P.A. Paris).

Luftwaffe gas mask, having received a camouflage spray sand color, yellow variant used especially in Afrika. The canister is complete with its original gas-mask, the set is assigned to a Luftwaffe soldier (Obergefreiter GLEIZZ - L25486 - L.G.P.A. Paris) and is dated 1940. The canister still retains more than 90% of its original camouflage, it still retains these original straps, some camouflage is also present on... Read more


M1935 Heer Single Decal camouflaged German Helmet, battle damaged, named to a officer

This is a nice M1935 Heer Single Decal Rcamouflaged German helmet, «EF64» with the lot number « EC556». The helmet has been camouflaged with a thick paint mixed with sawdust, eagle has been painted around. The helmet was hit by a shrapnel on the back, it is in nice untouched condition, never been cleaned. The leather is in good condition, still retains its original drawstring and original chinstrap, nicely marked... Read more


M1935 Luftwaffe Double Decal German Helmet, « droop-tail eagle »

This is a very nice M1935 Double Decal Luftwaffe German helmet, « ET64 » with lot number « 3287 », it still retains more than 90% or better of the original factory blue paint. The first pattern Luftwaffe decal « droop-tail eagle » is nice and rates at 90% or better, the National colors decal rates at 99%. 1st aluminium liner band, the liner leather is in very good condition, still soft, ink-stamped on the reverse... Read more


M42 Waffen-SS Single Decal German Helmet, Denmark woodwork find.

This is a very nice original M1942 Waffen-SS single decal helmet, untouched, as found recently in Denmark. The helmet retains more than 90% of its original factory dark green paint and around 95% of the correct decal. The helmet is an « EF64 » indicating manufacture by the « Emaillierwerke » firm in Fulda, Germany, the lot number is « 0848 ». The leather liner is in very good condition and still retains its... Read more


M42 Waffen-SS Single Decal German Helmet, Normandy woodwork find.

Really nice woodwork find, this M42 SS helmet was recently discovered in a house of Falaise (Normandy-France), after remained in the house during 70 years, nice untouched helmet from the famous Falaise pocket. Acquire pieces from private is very rare thing these days, this Waffen-SS helmet has recently been discovered in a house of Falaise (Normandy-France ) after has remained in this house since 1944. FALAISE is... Read more


Rare early Luftwaffe paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger) unlined gloves

Very nice and rare early Luftwaffe paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger) unlined gloves, brown leather with elastic and 3 springs in the wrist and behind area for the arm, to keep them in place, mint/unissued condition. Read more


Rare German Hitlerjugend black web belt and belt buckle, mint condition.

Superb and rare Hitlerjugend set including a black web belt in mint/unissued condition, it still retains its original paper label, the hook is marked with the "RZM" logo and number "M4/22", size is 100cm. The buckle is nicely marked "M4/110", it is also mint/unissued condition, it still has its original paper label on the reverse. This is a unknow piece in the collector community but it's really a rare piece, this... Read more


Rare German late war mess kit with its inner part, « MN44 »

Very nice German late-war mess kit, aluminium construction, marked « MN44 », very good condition. It comes with its rare inner part. Read more


Rare German M35 DD Luftwaffe helmet with its original camouflage netting.

This is a very rare German M1935 DD Luftwaffe helmet and its original camouflage netting. This is the only double decal helmet we know that still retains its original camouflage netting, all the helmets that still retains their original camouflage netting are most of the time single decal helmets or camouflaged helmets. The helmet is a "SE68" with the batch number "4736", it is in very good... Read more


Rare German tank’s flexible antenna mount.

This is really a rare German tank’s part, this flexible antenna mount is in exceptional condition and is nicely marked, was designed for the King Tiger, Panther,… Read more


Rare late war German dorette (KLEINFUNKSPRECHER D) radio battery box, unissued condition.

Beautiful and rare late war Dorette "KLEINFUNKSPRECHER D" (Kl.Fu.Spr.D) radio battery box, the Dorette was used by the infantry and by the paratroopers. The box is in perfect condition, the outside still retains more than 95% of its original tan factory paint and originals markings, the inside is in mint condition. Nice and rare radio related item in perfect condition ! Read more


Rare late war German PAK canon pulling strap.

Rare German strap to help the soldier to pull the PAK canon, this variant is rare because made from recycled material, it is in perfect condition, the best we have had since years. Read more


Rare M42 Heer Single Decal helmet with a nice « spider » phone wires camouflage system

Very nice and rare M42 Heer single decal helmet with a phone wires camouflage system, seen from the top, it has almost a spider web design, the wires are fixed around the liner band, the soldier has done a nice job. The helmet is a « NS64 » with the lot number « B3260 », it is in overall good condition, the decal is still present at more than 90% , the leather liner is in very good condition and still retains its... Read more


Rare M45 Heer tunic, Panzergrenadier.

Very nice and rare M45 Heer tunic, manufacturing in the last months of the war, details differentiating the M44 model is the non-buttoning pocket flaps, the shape of the pocket flaps, the shortened lower waistband, no lining and no belt support hooks holes. The tunic is in unissued condition, the collector added a late war breast eagle, it was professionally zig-zag machine applied, collars tabs and rank... Read more


Rare Waffen-SS Dot pattern jump smock.

This is the very SS Dot pattern jump smock that was on display at the La Gleize Museum. It is one of the few known originals. Originals are all textbook and made exactly like Luftwaffe ones. They have all been traced to supplies found at Dachau, at the end of the war. This one never had the zips placed to close the pockets. All buttons are there as well as PRYM 6 snaps.Michael D. Beaver did a solid study of these... Read more


Three tons camouflaged gasmask canister, named

Very nice camouflaged gas mask canister, sprayed in three tons, it still retains more than 85% of its camouflage, nice bright colors, it comes with its original gas mask, the set is named to the soldier (NCO) Albert LANG. Read more


Toggle Rope US, 4th Infantry Division

Superb WWII genuine toggle rope recoovered at Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandy. This rope covered with chatterton is typical of the 4th Infantry Divison, landing on June 6, 1944 on D-Day. Read more


V-42 Stiletto

WWII genuine wonderful and rare V-42 stiletto, with its original leather scabbard. Made by CASE. The original leather sheath was reinforced by the troops to include a metal tip, so that the sharp blade would no longer penetrate through and cut their legs. Blade length, 6.96 inches. The V-42 was designed in part by the commanding officer of the brigade, Lt. Colonel Robert T. Frederick. Every part of the knife was... Read more


Waffen-SS belt buckle, nice condition.

This is a nice looking unmarked Waffen-SS enlisted man's belt buckle. These unmarked examples were made by "Overhoff and Cie", which was a major producer of SS belt buckles during the entire Third Reich era. This is a steel example with silver paint. This example retains more than 95% of the original finish on the front and about 80% of the original finish to the reverse. The detail to the eagle and wreath and... Read more


Waffen-SS EM/NCO's side cap, very good condition.

Very nice Waffen-SS EM/NCO's side cap, in overall very good condition, Waffen-SS BeVo style cap-eagle/skull set in the same condition, slightly worn, they have nicely been reapplied. The greyish colored lining is nicely size stamped, blue colored ink-stamp "55". Read more


Waffen-SS Panzer EM/NCO's M43 Field cap.

Very nice Waffen-SS Panzer EM/NCO's M43 (1943 model) Field cap, Dachau manufacturing, mint/unissued condition with insignia machine stitched to the field cap, size 57. Very nice example ! Read more


« Fifth United States Army » USM1 helmet

Nice USM1 helmet from the Fifth United States Army, one of the main formations of the U.S. Army in the Mediterranean during World War ll. It was activated on 5 January at Oujda, French Morocco and made responsible for the defense of Algeria and Morocco. It was also given the responsibility for planning the American part of the invasion of mainland Italy. It first saw action during Operation Avalanche, the assault... Read more


« NOTEK » vehicle black-out front light in original color.

Beautiful « NOTEK » vehicle black-out front light, it still retains more than 95% of its early original ordnance paint. It is in great condition, hard to find !   Read more