Combat wool trousers, mustard

Very nice combat wool trousers, mustard shade, with QM label dated 1943. Size US 29x29. Read more


Sleeve part of a rare SS-VT « Deutschland » tunic and his rare name tag

In 1995, roofers working on a house in Langres (France) discovered three German tunics in the attic of the house. These three jackets are the rare early models of the SS-VT worn by members of the SS Division « Deutschland ». It is visible to the right of the photo showing the three tunics at the time of the discovery. Early sleeve eagle zigzag machine applied. The tunic also had a name tag with the name Höllhuber... Read more


THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE - The failure of the final Blitzkrieg. Volume 1. By Philippe GUILLEMOT

In his previous book, the author discussed a little-known and insufficiently examined area in the history of the Second World War: the fighting in Hungary during the winter of 1944 and 1945 and notably the war’s final German offensive, initiated by the 6th Panzer Army in mid-March 1945.  In this new work, the author tackles a subject which is the antithesis of his previous one as much from the geographical as the... Read more


US mustard wool trousers, size 30x31, Pvt. Hartzell

Standard issued US wool trousers light OD shade, pattern 1937. QM tag present. Complete, with all buttons and label, worn condition, size 30x31. Named Pvt. Hartzell. Read more


US ST-35 harness for DR-8 telephone wire reel

Unissued condition ST-35 neck strap for the DR-8 telephone wire reels. Read more


USM1 steel helmet strap buckle

Boucle de jugulaire de casque USM1 Read more