"Lieutenant Robinson", USM1 helmet.

Very nice USM1 helmet that belonged to Lieutenant Robinson. Early production and still has its original chinstraps, lot number is "288A". The rank of Lieutenant is nicely painted on the front of the helmet, the white paint has turned yellow. The original owner wrote his name and rank "Lt. Robinson" and his "Partial Army Serial Number" (R-8365) on the long strap. Probably afraid of loosing his helmet, the ASN is... Read more

Price :1150,00€

Camouflaged winter pants Heer / Luftwaffe

Beautiful camouflaged winter pants Heer / Luftwaffe, non reversible. In excellent condition, only the buttons for the suspenders have been replaced. Medium size (ll), RBNr maarked inside.From the La Gleize museum collection Read more

Price :900,00€

DJ (Deutshe Jungvolk) belt and buckle, very good condition.

Very nice DJ (Deutsch Jungvolk) buckle that comes with its original brown leather belt. The buckle still retains more than 95% of its factory paint, it is nicely marked on the revers with the "RZM" and "M4/22. The brown leather belt is in perfect condition, size 100cm. The belt and buckle were found together. Read more

Price :220,00€

German engraved canteen cup, "AFRIKA".

Beautiful German engraved canteen cup, "AFRIKA". It is a early model, marked and dated "RFL36". The owner did a very nice engraving job, a  nice palm is present. This cup was probably owned by a German paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger). Very nice piece ! ! !   Read more

Price :270,00€

Late war German doctor pouch, marked and dated "bla44", very good condition.

This is a very nice late war production Doctor pouch made in natural light brown leather. The pouch is nicely marked and dated "bla44", the Waffenamt is also present. The content is missing, the material used inside is the typical late war canvas, the yellowish one with the red stripe. Very nice medical equipment that could easily be completed. Read more

Price :295,00€

"German" military map of Kolin Czechoslovakia.

Military map of Kolin (Czechoslovakia), the Czech map was reused by the German army, several German annotations are present. Read more

Price :90,00€

"Organization Todt" winter pants, MINT condition.

This is a really nice and unique pair of "OT" pants. It was never issued, all the buttons are present and original to it. The pants is sized "1" but looks far bigger, ideal size for a mannequin. The pants still has its original suspenders in brown cotton. Nice inkstamps stamped inside the pants, "LAGO HESSEN 1" and "Org. Todt WIESBADEN 40". Very nice example and not easy to find ! Read more

Price :450,00€

"Wehrmacht" camouflaged motorcycle licence plate.

Nice "Wehrmacht" camouflaged motorcycle licence plate that comes with his support and his rear light. Some camouflage paint is present. It is a untouched piece ! Read more

Price :300,00€

29th Infantry Division (Blue & Gray) combat helmet liner.

29th U.S. Infantry Division, "Blue & Gray" USM1 helmet liner. Made by Firestone, in good overall condition, never cleaned or touched. The division insignia has been painted twice. Under the white color appears an ancient gray color is visible. This liner has most probably been on Norman soil in June 1944 at Omaha Beach. The liner is complete, only the leather chinstrap is missing. Its owner has engraved the... Read more

Price :1200,00€

2nd Cavalry Group USM1 helmet.

Very nice USM1 helmet from the 2nd Cavalry Group, the insignia is still present at more that 95%, the helmet is in very good condition, the liner is complete and also is in good condition. The lot number of the shell is "754A". Normandy //  Northern France // Ardennes- Alsace // Rhineland // Central Europe The invasion of Poland by the blitzing German panzers in 1939 accelerated the movement to mechanize American... Read more

Price :2250,00€

3-tone spray painted camouflage "Normandy" type, M1935 "Luftwaffe" helmet.

Very nice 3-tone spray painted camouflage (yellow, green and red), "Normandy" type, M35 "Luftwaffe" helmet. The helmet is a "EF64" and has the lot number "20225", it still has nearly 95% of its camouflage, the condition is excellent. The leather is in very good condition and still has its drawstring. Beautiful camouflaged helmet. Read more

Price :3250,00€

4 pockets "LUFTWAFFE" tunic

4 pockets "LUFTWAFFE" tunic, late war production. Brand new condition and nice large size. Original eagle and paper label. Read more

Price :1350,00€

4 pockets tunic "LUFTWAFFE" drillic material, late war

4 pockets tunic "LUFTWAFFE" drillic material, late war. The jacket is in new condition and of a good size. The eagle is originally applied ed in zigzag stiching. This jacket was recovered from an attic of a house in Marche-en-Famenne (Belgium) in late 2012. Read more

Price :975,00€

6x30 power tan binoculars.

Beautiful German "6x30" power binoculars, tan color, they are marked "ddx". The optics are still clear. They still have 90% of their original color. Beautiful piece to complete a mannequin. Read more

Price :245,00€

98k pouch, Kriegsmarine.

98k pouch in worn condition, with the "Kriegsmarine" markings. The manufacturer's name, city and date are marked on the back of the pouch but are difficult to read. It is dated 1938, and marked with "M". Read more

Price :140,00€

98k pouch, Kriegsmarine.

98k pouch in good condition, with the "Kriegsmarine" markings. The manufacturer's name, city and date are marked on the back of the pouch but are difficult to read. It is dated 1942, and marked with "M". Read more

Price :180,00€

Aircraft medical pouch with contents. (Sanitätstasche für Flugzeuge)

Very nice Luftwaffe rubberized cloth first aid pouch "Sanitätstasche für Flugzeuge" with contents. Read more

Price :575,00€

Armband gas sleeve detector, 1943

British-made WWII paratrooper/ infantry gas brassard. Made out of heavy brown paper coated with reactive paint. When in contact with vesicant spray, the paper would turn pink in spots. The cloth loop was for attaching the detector to the field jacket shoulder strap, most of the time on the right arm. Perfect condition, dated 03/43. Read more

Price :275,00€

Belt suspenders M-1936, type 1, "ersatz"

WWII US genuine webbing suspenders. Rare type 1 "ersatz", with adjustable straps and hooks. These were used to support the pistol or cartridge belts, and for carrying the M-1936 canvas field bag. Excellent condition. Read more

Price :75,00€

Binocular carrying leather strap, marked "cag".

Nice binocular carrying leather strap, it is in good condition and still supple, it is marked with the maker's code "cag", well known binoculars maker, the waffenamt is also present. Read more

Price :85,00€

Black leather helmet chin strap, unmarked.

Black leather helmet chin strap, unmarked. It has all the characteristics of the late-war type. Very good condition and still flexible. Read more

Price :125,00€

Blackened P38 holster, very nice condition, marked and dated "CWW 1943".

Very nice P38 pistol holster, blackened leather construction, nice condition, it is marked and dated "CWW 1943". Read more

Price :325,00€

Booklet, "If you should be Captured"

Rare WW2 Original "If you should be Captured these are your rights" booklet. War Department May 16, 1944. Great text and great artwork. Read more

Price :125,00€

Calot RAF

The cap features a metal enlisted ranks RAF cap badge on the left side. On the inside is a S & P Harris Ltd. manufacturer's stamp that dates the cap to 1945. Size 6 3/8. Read more

Price :75,00€

Canvas part for the German stretcher, very good condition.

This is one of the two blueish/greyish canvas parts used for the German stretcher, it is in great condition and nicely ink stamped with the company's name, location & date (1940). Read more

Price :195,00€

Cap, Wool knit "Beanie", Jeep Cap.

US olive drab cap, standardized in February 1942 for wear in cold weather under the steel helmet. Nicknamed "Beanie" or "Jeep Cap", it has a short stiff brim and a turn-down to cover the ears. Worn condition with some repairs, size M. Read more

Price :115,00€

Carrying strap for the optics storage boxes.

This is a nice strap used to transport the optics storage boxes, as the MG34/MG42 optics boxes. Read more

Price :175,00€

Colt.45 pistol holster, mint condition.

Very nice Colt .45 pistol holster in natural brown leather, in mint/unissued condition, nicely marked with the maker's name and the date (BOYT42). Read more

Price :170,00€

Combat radio handset

Combat radio handset with a thin ear piece to slip under the helmet. It is in very good condition and complete. Adapting to different types of radios. Hard to find in this condition. Read more

Price :225,00€

Compressed air tube for the "luftwaffe" live vest.

This is a compressed air tube that attaches to the life vest worn by crew members of aircraft of the Luftwaffe. It is in perfect condition. Read more

Price :190,00€

Denazified Luftwaffe flight blouse (Fliegerbluse).

Denazified Luftwaffe flight blouse (Fliegerbluse), worn condition, this one was discovered years ago in North of France with some others denazified tunics, it still retains all his original buttons. Read more

Price :350,00€

Documents carry bag, rare late war variant !

This is the first time that we find this rare variation of documents carry bag, it is made in the late war yellowish canvas with the red stripe. It is closed by three special closures. It was recently discovered at a flea market in Berlin (Germany). It's a incredible late war piece, probably made at the beginning of 1945. Read more

Price :150,00€

Early aluminium Heer belt buckle.

Early aluminium Heer belt buckle, worn condition, originel leather tab is still present. Read more

Price :130,00€

Early folding shovel with carrying case.

Very nice early folding shovel (1st type), nicely marked with the maker's code (gcq), the date (41) and the waffenamt, it comes in its early blackened pressed cardboard (Presstoff) carrying case. The set is in very good condition. Read more


Early German A-Frame (Sturmgepack), 1940 dated.

This is a nice early German A-Frame (Sturmgepack), it is in slightly worn condition. The blackened leather parts are still supple. The A-frame is nicely ink stamped with the company's name, location and date (1940). This is a rare early equipment piece, not so easy to find. Read more

Price :725,00€

Early German map case.

Nice early map case in natural brown leather, it is in very good condition, it is marked with the company's name, location and date but they are not readable. Read more

Price :135,00€

Early German SS-VT canteen, marked "RZM M6/2/40".

Nice early (1940) German "SS-VT" canteen, worn condition, all the parts are marked "M6/2/40 RZM", hard to find. Read more

Price :245,00€

Early German SS-VT mess kit, marked "RZM M6/1/38", perfect condition.

Very nice early (1938) German "SS-VT" aluminum mess kit, perfect condition, it retains more that 95% of its original green color. The top and the bottom are both marked: "RZM M6/1/38". The set is named two times to "Horst Gaüss". Beautiful piece that is nearly impossible to find in this condition ! Read more

Price :300,00€

Early green painted aluminium Heer belt buckle, very good condition.

Early aluminium Heer belt buckle, it still retains more than 95% of its original green factory paint. This is hard to find a early aluminum buckle in this condition ! Read more

Price :425,00€