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Sleeve part of a rare SS-VT « Deutschland » tunic and his rare name tag

In 1995, roofers working on a house in Langres (France) discovered three German tunics in the attic of the house. These three jackets are the rare early models of the SS-VT worn by members of the SS Division « Deutschland ». It is visible to the right of the photo showing the three tunics at the time of the discovery. Early sleeve eagle zigzag machine applied. The tunic also had a name tag with the name Höllhuber 4th company / SS-Deutscland. After research, the SS-Rottenführer Franz Höllhuber is killed at Manihino near Instar in Russia November 30, 1941, so the tunics have certainly been abandoned in Langres in 1940. These three tunics were published in the militaria-magazine (n°217) in 2003. This kind of piece is nearly impossible to find and even more with provenance. This is a very nice historic piece that will display nicely in a frame !