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Luftwaffe "DAK-Tropical" camouflaged gas mask canister, complete and named (L.G.P.A. Paris).

Luftwaffe gas mask, having received a camouflage spray sand color, yellow variant used especially in Afrika. The canister is complete with its original gas-mask, the set is assigned to a Luftwaffe soldier (Obergefreiter GLEIZZ - L25486 - L.G.P.A. Paris) and is dated 1940. The canister still retains more than 90% of its original camouflage, it still retains these original straps, some camouflage is also present on them at some places. The canister and the mask are both marked with the number "40". The name, rank and number is also marked on the long mask strap. This is a very nice "DAK-Tropical" set ! ! !

Feldpostnummer L25486

(Mobilmachung-1.1.1940) 7 Vorposten-Flottille V 701

(2.1.1940-27.4.1940) gestrichen

(28.4.1940-14.9.1940) leichte Reserve-Flak-Batterie 2/XII

(16.2.1941-18.7.1941) 3. Batterie leichte Reserve-Flak-Abteilung

(19.7.1941-14.2.1942) 3. Batterie leichte Flak-Abteilung 981

(10.2.1943-23.8.1943) 3. Batterie leichte Flak-Abteilung 981 (v)

(10.11.1944-Kriegsende) 21.11.1944 gestrichen.