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Rare M45 Heer tunic, Panzergrenadier.

Very nice and rare M45 Heer tunic, manufacturing in the last months of the war, details differentiating the M44 model is the non-buttoning pocket flaps, the shape of the pocket flaps, the shortened lower waistband, no lining and no belt support hooks holes. The tunic is in unissued condition, the collector added a late war breast eagle, it was professionally zig-zag machine applied, collars tabs and rank (Gefreiter) insignia are both hand sewn. A nice late war pair of Panzergrenadier shoulder boards come with the tunic. Loops for 2 badges have been added on the left breast pocket. The inside is nicely marked with the RBNr and the number « 46 », a label with the number « 807 » is sewn inside one of the sleeve. The inside of the collar is damaged as showed on the pictures. The same model of tunic is published in one of the books of Beaver on the Uniforms of the Waffen-SS.