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M42 Waffen-SS Single Decal German Helmet, Normandy woodwork find.

Really nice woodwork find, this M42 SS helmet was recently discovered in a house of Falaise (Normandy-France), after remained in the house during 70 years, nice untouched helmet from the famous Falaise pocket.

Acquire pieces from private is very rare thing these days, this Waffen-SS helmet has recently been discovered in a house of Falaise (Normandy-France ) after has remained in this house since 1944. FALAISE is well known in the WWll history, as the "Falaise Pocket ", it is the location where took place the last battle of Normandy. This operation took place from August 12 to 21, 1944 in an area between the four cities of Trun, Argentan, Vimoutiers and Chambois and ended near Falaise. The battle of the Falaise pocket is a strategic victory for the Allies. Confined in Normandy for two months, they finally cast their forces across the north of France , and some lack the encirclement of two German armies with their dozens of divisions.

This helmet was found next to a blood-soaked mattress, wounded soldier ? ? ?

Although the war is something terrible for civilians, the owner of the house kept this helmet " as souvenir " for all these years .

This is a nice original M1942 Waffen-SS single decal helmet, untouched, as found. The helmet retains more than 90% of its original factory dark green paint and around 90% of the correct decal. The helmet is an EF64 indicating manufacture by the Emaillierwerke firm in Fulda, Germany, the lot number is "?572". The leather liner is in very good condition and still retains its original drawstring. The soldier placed some newspaper under the leather liner, probably for comfort, it has never been removed from the helmet. A piece of camouflage net is still present between the sheel and the liner. The name of the German SS soldier and its Feldpost number are written in yellow paint " BERG 10381 ".

Outstanding untouched SS helmet, additional information will be provided to the buyer.